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Центр энергетической политики
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Centre for Energy Policy (CEP) is a non-governmental non-profit organization involved in research, organizational, consulting and educational activities aimed at elaboration and implementation of institutional, legal and regulatory, financial and economic measures on increasing energy efficiency as well as mitigating environmental impact and enhancing energy security at regional, federal and global levels in the framework of sustainable development.

Basic CEP's targets

  • Monitoring the energy and environmental situation in Russia, the CIS and other countries of the world
  • Analysis of the foreign experience in the field of elaboration and implementation of energy, energy efficiency and environment protection measures with their further application in Russia
  • Consulting, informative and practical assistance to federal and regional authorities, enterprises and companies with different forms of property in the field of drawing up and performing actions aimed at optimisation of fuel and energy utilisation under market conditions
  • Promotion of international cooperation between energy decision-makers, experts, producers, consumers, energy institutions, companies and investors

International projects

2005-2006 ENCOURAGED project (European Commission)


APEC EWG 05/2005 project; «Energy Efficiency Indicators Workshop»
2000-2003 Rational and efficient use of water and energy resources in Central Asia (SPECA), UNECE project
2001-2004 Indicators for sustainable energy development, IAEA project
1997-1998 Developing the energy policy dialogue between EU and RF (SYNERGY project 97-02)
1997-1998 Energy efficiency as a factor of energy security in CIS countries, UNECE project

Research and analytical work

  • Draft Doctrine of Energy Security of the RF
  • Fundamentals and measures of ensuring energy security in Russia
  • Analysis of the state and perspectives of energy development in China
  • Elaboration of the methods and tools for a long-term energy forecasting
  • Strategy of financing investments in energy efficiency of the RF
  • Energy efficiency technologies of the XXI century: forecasting development
  • Global and regional energy security (G8)


  • European Commission
  • IEA
  • ICE
  • Ministry of Energy of the RF
  • Russian Academy of Science
  • WEC
  • EBRD
  • Ministry of Education and Science
    of the RF
  • ADEME (France)
  • Enerdata (France)
  • CINAR (Greece)
  • IAEA
  • CEETA (Portugal)
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